Thursday, March 1, 2012

Election Runoff Set for March 18 at the earliest

Three days after the initial vote on February 26, Senegal's National Census Commission announced the provisional results of Sunday's election.  President Abdoulaye Wade faced 13 opponents and needed 50 percent of the vote to avoid a runoff election -- something he did not achieve it. Mr. Wade received 942,546 ballots or 34.82 percent of the votes cast. Former Senegal Prime Minister, Macky Sall, received 26% of the vote. The run-off vote is scheduled for March 18 but could be delayed to March 25.
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Mission Inter Senegal is praising God for the peaceful election process last Sunday. MIS has made some adjustments to our visit. Our current plan to is spend Saturday and Sunday in the village of B. Travel is restricted on the highways on Sunday when the run-off vote is planned.

Tentative Schedule:
Thursday, March 15 - Leave Washington, DC 5PM
Friday, March 16 - Arrive Dakar Senegal 5:30AM (Senegal time)

  • Rest and sightseeing in Dakar
  • Orientation

Saturday, March 17 - Dakar
  • Medical Clinic in Dakar for the street boys (Talibe Boys)
  • Travel to Thies
Sunday, March 18 - Village of B
  • Travel to Village for Worship Service
  • Meet with sponsored children
  • Meet with Chief and village Elders
  • Spend the night in village
Monday, March 19 - Village of N
  • Medical clinic
  • Spend the night in village
Tuesday, March 20 - Village of N
  • Medical clinic
  • Travel back to Thies
Wednesday, March 21 - Travel to Village
  • Morning in Thies
  • Potential visit to World Vision sponsored children in Tattaguine
  • Travel to Babak (1pm); Kids Games
  • Jesus film and spend the night in village
Thursday, March 22 - Village of B
  • Door to door visits
  • Present mosquito net gift
  • Travel back to Thies
Friday, March 23 - Travel back to Dakar
  • Debriefing in the morning
  • Travel to Dakar
  • Sight seeing/shopping in Dakar
  • Go to airport
Saturday, March 24 - Return home
  • Flight leaves Dakar at 1:15AM (Senegal time) and arrives in Washington, DC 6:30AM
  • Arrive at CFC before noon.

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