Saturday, March 17, 2012

Talibe Boys Immunization Clinic and Journey to Thies

One more report from Elke: The morning started out with getting ready for an immunization clinic for 172 Talibe boys. They are kids that beg on the streets, but are part of Qur'an schools. Guided by Jane, Antoinette and Tad, we had them shower, fed them, gave them exams and shots and then sent them off to play or watch the "Jesus" film in their language, Pular. Pastor Mike shared the Gospel with several via the wordless bracelet, which they then received.  Once done there, we loaded 22 50-lbs bags onto the roof of an old Mercedes bus, climbed in and bid farewell to the Beacon of Hope missions compound.  We made it to Thies after an interesting ride through Dakar! The country side was fascinating. Huge trees I had only read about as a child gracefully line the view.  Here in Thies we are staying in air conditioned, wonderful rooms with amazing food. Spoiled before heading to the villages for the next three days. There will be no Internet there. This will definitely be camping.  Had a great evening with two US missionary couples. Wonderful conversations about how to share Christ in a largely Muslim country. The team is being blessed in immeasurable ways.  Pray for us that we would carry the love of Christ into the villages and be of one mind and purpose: that of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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