Saturday, March 24, 2012

On the Bus Home

We landed safely at Washington Dulles Airport. Right now, we are on a bus going back to Calvary. Hope to get there before noon. Happy to be back, but sad to leave our brothers and sisters in Christ in Senegal. Thank you for praying for us.

Friday, March 23, 2012

At Massa Massa One More Time

Once again, we are back at Massa Massa hotel in Thies after another two days in the villages. We said our goodbyes to Charles and Docor, two of our translators, whom we will not see again before we leave. It was sad to do so since we have grown very fond of them. We also said goodbye to Josh, a Kenyan university student from the Toronto area, and Adeline, a young woman who also studies in Canada.
These last two days were once again simply amazing. On Wednesday, most of the team went shopping for a bit in the artisan market of Thies for a bit before heading out to the village. In the meantime, Pastor Mike, Nick and Elke were picked up by Docor and Malik, one of the drivers, in a four-wheel drive vehicle. We headed out to Tattaguine, where the Edelman and Speliopoulos families have sponsored World Vision children.
After a briefing by the World Vision staff, we were guided to the government official of the Tattaguine area to meet with him. Another stop took us to the regional president's office, where we met with his representative. He thanked us for coming and pleaded with us to please sponsor more children, as it was desperately needed and the results were visible. Finally, we were taken to see the children, but not before signing codes of conduct and meeting with the respective village chiefs (Tattaguine ADP exists of 15 villages). The meetings with our two girls and their families were sweet as we visited the families'  homes and exchanged gifts.
We took our leave from there and drove 1 1/2 hours straight through the African bush to meet the others in the village - quite the experience as the sand roads are tricky to maneuver, and Malik drove at a rather high speed.
The team was getting ready to play with about 600 kids at the school, doing relay races, playing duck-duck-goose and other games, and giving out snacks. Pastor Mike and Elke drove with Pastor A and D.T. to another village, where the mosquito nets donated by Calvary Fellowship Church were handed out to the families after a brief ceremony and Pastor Mike once again sharing the love of Christ with them in explanation and prayer. The village of N is the town adopted by Providence Church, who could not go to Senegal this year, and where the overflow of the mosquito nets (thanks to the generosity of the people of CFC) went.
Back in our village, we enjoyed another fabulous meal cooked by Pastor A's wife and some of the other women. To eat, you sit on a big mat on the floor in circles of six and eat with spoons out of a communal large flat bowl. To be polite, you eat an imaginary pie slice in front of you and build a rice/pasta/couscous wall to your neighbor while doing so. Meats and vegetables are in the center and can be flicked to you or others. It is quite fun! After dinner, another evangelistic movie was shown.
The following morning began with our regular daily devotion, worship and prayer time after breakfast. From there, we were leaving for the baptismal font in the vegetable garden, when we noticed our driver, beating the floor in the women's room feverishly with a broom. Turns out there was a live scorpion in the room where we had slept on the floor on mats!
The baptism was a sweet time of communion of one body of Christ, as Michel, one of the village church elders, took turns with Pastor Mike to baptize nine people: three from CFC (Anna, Denise and Nick), five from Baback, plus Josh, our Kenyan co-laborer. A sweet time of singing and fellowshipping, as we watched our brothers and sisters in Christ express their faith through sharing their testimony and becoming baptized. The testimonies of the  young people being baptized were wonderful to listen to, as several came from Muslim families. Some had walked by church, heard the singing, and had asked their parents to be able to attend. Another girl had seen the movie the night before and trusted Christ. Pastor A speaks with the families of younger people to make sure they are okay with this step.
Before lunch, we had a ceremony to hand out the mosquito nets, again with Pastors A and Mike sharing the Gospel and praying. The village chief Chief , was there as well, and it was wonderful to see him again. Lunch brought more excellent cooking, and then it was on to the school to present the toothbrushes, toothpastes and soaps we had brought with us, given by the children and families of Conestoga Christian School. The school director was very grateful for this gift and thanked us profusely. In all the times when we passed out the things we had brought with us, the reaction was one of sincere gratitude and thanks to God.
The remainder of the afternoon was spent walking the village, visiting with some of the namesakes and dropping off gifts. What a joy to see the families of in their compounds and to play with the children there. We prayed with some of the families, especially one where there was a newborn infant who had not even been named yet. Finally, it was time to take leave, but not before stopping at Pastor A's house and thank his wife and all the women there for the wonderful cooking they had done for us. We waved goodbye to the hundreds of children and drove off across the dusty sand roads, back to Thies.
Arrived in Thies meant saying goodbye to our translators  at the MIS office. Another surprise awaited us at the hotel, where Sheri was waiting for us and had dinner with us. The hotel is very nice, and we enjoyed yet another wonderful meal. After showers, it was time to hit our soft beds in our air-conditioned rooms!
As we begin our final day in Senegal, we will be debriefing with the MIS staff here in Thies and then head back toward Dakar for some shopping or sightseeing, depending on any election disruptions (a lot of demonstrations may be taking place). We will be boarding our plane in the VERY early morning (more night than morning, actually...) and should arrive in Washington, DC, in the early morning US time. We are then heading back to Calvary, where we hope to arrive before noon.
Pray for us as we enter our last day here and then fly back. We so very much appreciate all your prayers! God clearly has kept us safe while here. We all are sad to leave as you cannot help but love the people of Senegal. May God richly increase His kingdom here in this part of His world.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Back from the Village

Tonight we arrived back in Thies at Massa Massa, our hotel. After three days and two nights in the village without sanitary installations and very rudimentary toilets, everyone was happy to see a real bathroom again, take a shower and scrub off the dirt! The first day we worshipped at the church pastored by Pastor A. It was a wonderful experience of two cultures coming together with Mike doing a portion of the preaching. We spent the afternoon walking around the village and visiting some of the namesakes of past visits. Every first time visitor is assigned a namesake. The second and third days were spent in a neighboring village, where we held a health clinic. Somehow, there was a mix-up, so the first day was relatively light, but the second day had us seeing 125 patients. Dr. Inez Stoltzfus did a great job seeing all the sick with the help of several other nurses, both the ones on our team, Denise and Terry, and the local team, which included Sherry, Laurie Sadio's former roommate. Luxuries there are extremely sparse, but we all managed to pray, fellowship, worship, visit, meet, and giggle. On the first evening, we had dinner at Pastor A's house, followed by the namesake ceremony. Newbies Mike, Anna, Nick and Elke got to meet their namesakes and dance with them to African drumbeats. Great fun as we watched the kids (and moms with babies strapped to their backs) display their dancing talents. The second evening included an evangelistic movie at Pastor A's compound with Terry giving her testimony. In the villages, we have had many opportunities to share the Gospel, and the interest has been there. May the Lord bring great increase to His family! Back in Thies, we got to visit with Jim and Olivia Pina, the MIS interim director and his wife. We have been blessed by all that we are experiencing. Tomorrow, Pastor Mike, Nick and Elke are going to Tattaguine to meet their World Vision kids. Then it's on to the village, where we will meet up with the rest of the team. Keep praying for us, especially travel in Senegal. The roads are very different from ours! Please also pray for Pastor A who lost his mother yesterday. We stopped in his village on the way back from the village to express our condolences. The family was very appreciative of this.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Talibe Boys Immunization Clinic and Journey to Thies

One more report from Elke: The morning started out with getting ready for an immunization clinic for 172 Talibe boys. They are kids that beg on the streets, but are part of Qur'an schools. Guided by Jane, Antoinette and Tad, we had them shower, fed them, gave them exams and shots and then sent them off to play or watch the "Jesus" film in their language, Pular. Pastor Mike shared the Gospel with several via the wordless bracelet, which they then received.  Once done there, we loaded 22 50-lbs bags onto the roof of an old Mercedes bus, climbed in and bid farewell to the Beacon of Hope missions compound.  We made it to Thies after an interesting ride through Dakar! The country side was fascinating. Huge trees I had only read about as a child gracefully line the view.  Here in Thies we are staying in air conditioned, wonderful rooms with amazing food. Spoiled before heading to the villages for the next three days. There will be no Internet there. This will definitely be camping.  Had a great evening with two US missionary couples. Wonderful conversations about how to share Christ in a largely Muslim country. The team is being blessed in immeasurable ways.  Pray for us that we would carry the love of Christ into the villages and be of one mind and purpose: that of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Day One: In Dakar

This is Elke posting a quick update. We have arrived in Dakar safe and sound and are settled in at the Beacon of Hope. We took a walk up to the lighthouse, and some of us ventured down to the beach. Some are resting. We are all rejoicing in God's goodness in getting us and all our luggage here safely. Great revisiting or meeting for the first time our brothers and sisters in Christ here! Needless to say, the transport of all our luggage fom the airport here with all of us was the first adventure! Pray for our hearts to find our place here quickly and to be used mightily by our great God. Anna and Mike are two of our four newbies (Nick and I are the other two).

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

1 Thessalonians 2:8

The Lord has prepared us over these past six months for the next 10 days. We desire to bring glory to our Father by completing the work He has prepared for us to do during this trip. I've been thinking about 1 Thessalonians 2:8 as a verse that will guide our team ... "that we would love the people of Senegal so much that we are delighted to share with them not only the gospel of God but our lives as well, because they have become so dear to us."

We'll depart from CFC around 10:30am on Thursday morning and make our way to Washington, DC, Dulles Airport. Our flight leaves at 5:40pm.

Each day we'll take time to draw near to the Lord and each other for a time of worship, Word and prayer. We'll be reading a few chapters from Dave Earley's book, The 21 Most Effective Prayers of the Bible. If you'd like to follow along with us, here are the key passages/prayers for each day.

Thur - 3/15  "Send Me"  (Isaiah 6:8)
Fri  - 3/16  "Go With Us"  (Exodus 33:15)
Sat - 3/17  "Help Us"   (2 Chronicles 14:11)
Sun - 3/18  "Lord, Teach Us To Pray"   (Luke 11:1)
Mon - 3/19  "Increase Our Faith"  (Luke 17:5)
Tues - 3/20  "Save Us"  (Matthew 8:25)
Wed - 3/21  "Strengthen My Hands"  (Nehemiah 6:9)
Thur - 3/22  "Grant Me Favor"  (Nehemiah 1:11)
Fri - 3/23  "Give Me Wisdom"  (2 Chronicles 1:10)
Sat - 3/24  "Answer Me"  (1 Kings 18:37) 

Thank you for your prayers.

In Christ,
Mike Edelman

Monday, March 12, 2012

Packing Tonight - March 12

Reading a letter to a sponsored child in Babak
We are three days away from departure. Can you feel the sounds excitement in the air? The team meets tonight at 6pm to pack all of the gifts for the sponsored children plus the generous gifts from the students at Conestoga Christian School in Morgantown, PA. They provided over 200 pounds of toothpaste, toothbrushes and soap for the children. 

On March 4th we shared a meal together and celebrated God's faithfulness. He has provided for all of our financial needs. The runoff election has been delayed until March 25. This opened the door to do a third clinic for the street boys of Dakar. God has knit us together into a team focused on loving God and one another. 

We covet your prayers as you pray in the Spirit with all kinds of prayers and requests (Ephesians 6:18).

  • We’d be devoted to prayer, watchful and thankful; God will open doors (Col 4:2-6)
  • We’d share not only the gospel but our lives (1 Thes 2:8)
  • Strongholds demolished (2 Cor 10:3-5)
  • Spirit of unity (Rom 15:5-6) as we reflect 
  • Christ’s love (John13:34-35)
  • Stay focused on His glory (Ps 115:1)
  • Protection from the evil one (John 17:15)
  • Travel mercies (Ezra 8:21)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Runoff Election Postponed until March 25th

Senegal’s electoral commission on Monday set the date for a runoff vote between incumbent president Abdoulaye Wade (pictured) and challenger Macky Sall for 25 March. Click on the link below to rad more ...

Link to Article

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Election Runoff Set for March 18 at the earliest

Three days after the initial vote on February 26, Senegal's National Census Commission announced the provisional results of Sunday's election.  President Abdoulaye Wade faced 13 opponents and needed 50 percent of the vote to avoid a runoff election -- something he did not achieve it. Mr. Wade received 942,546 ballots or 34.82 percent of the votes cast. Former Senegal Prime Minister, Macky Sall, received 26% of the vote. The run-off vote is scheduled for March 18 but could be delayed to March 25.
Click on this link to read more ...

Mission Inter Senegal is praising God for the peaceful election process last Sunday. MIS has made some adjustments to our visit. Our current plan to is spend Saturday and Sunday in the village of B. Travel is restricted on the highways on Sunday when the run-off vote is planned.

Tentative Schedule:
Thursday, March 15 - Leave Washington, DC 5PM
Friday, March 16 - Arrive Dakar Senegal 5:30AM (Senegal time)

  • Rest and sightseeing in Dakar
  • Orientation

Saturday, March 17 - Dakar
  • Medical Clinic in Dakar for the street boys (Talibe Boys)
  • Travel to Thies
Sunday, March 18 - Village of B
  • Travel to Village for Worship Service
  • Meet with sponsored children
  • Meet with Chief and village Elders
  • Spend the night in village
Monday, March 19 - Village of N
  • Medical clinic
  • Spend the night in village
Tuesday, March 20 - Village of N
  • Medical clinic
  • Travel back to Thies
Wednesday, March 21 - Travel to Village
  • Morning in Thies
  • Potential visit to World Vision sponsored children in Tattaguine
  • Travel to Babak (1pm); Kids Games
  • Jesus film and spend the night in village
Thursday, March 22 - Village of B
  • Door to door visits
  • Present mosquito net gift
  • Travel back to Thies
Friday, March 23 - Travel back to Dakar
  • Debriefing in the morning
  • Travel to Dakar
  • Sight seeing/shopping in Dakar
  • Go to airport
Saturday, March 24 - Return home
  • Flight leaves Dakar at 1:15AM (Senegal time) and arrives in Washington, DC 6:30AM
  • Arrive at CFC before noon.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Early Election Results Point to a "Runoff" in March

Thank you for your prayers this past weekend for God to be glorified in the national election process in Senegal and the outcome.  Unofficial results from Senegal's presidential election suggest a tight race between incumbent Abdoulaye Wade and former Primer Minister Macky Sall. Here's a link to a BBC article from this morning.
Link to BBC article on Election Results
The results will not be finalized until Friday, March 2 at the latest. The initial feedback appears that  the democratic system in Senegal worked and many people came out to vote. Here's a link to many pictures that show people voting in large numbers in cities, small towns, and rural villages. Please continue to pray for God's will to be done and for physical and spiritual protection for the church in Senegal. 
Link to Photos from the Feb 26 Election

Friday, February 24, 2012

Senegal National Election This Sunday, Feb 26

Stay current on the events this week in Senegal leading up to the national elections this Sunday, February 26.

UNITED NATIONS, Feb. 24 (UPI) -- U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called on all parties in Senegal to ensure weekend presidential elections are free from violence.
Read More

WASHINGTON, Feb. 23 (UPI) -- Officials in the U.S. government are calling for calm as Senegal's presidential election approaches
Read More

DAKAR, Senegal, Feb. 22 (UPI) -- Ex-Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo was in Senegal to meet with opposition leaders in an effort to ease tensions before Sunday's elections, officials said.
Read More

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Pray for National Election ... February 26th

National elections are scheduled in Senegal for February 26th. The current President has been approved to run for a third term which has fueled much protesting from the people. There are 14 candidates running for the office of President. If there is no clear cut winner on Feb 26, the run off election will be March 18. Our team is scheduled to travel to Senegal March 15-24. Watch the videos below and then take time to pray for God's peace to reign during the elections. 

Link to video of President Wade running for a 3rd Term
Link to video leading up to Senegal National Election scheduled for February 26

Prayer Cast ... Senegal

Watch and pray through this 3 minute Prayer Cast video focused on the West African nation of Senegal. The images accurately portray the life in the big cities such as Dakar as well as village life. May Jesus, the Light of the World, shine brightly in this nation. Click on the link below and wrestle with us in prayer.

Link to Prayer Cast - Senegal

Greetings in Serer ... Nafio

Greeting a village Chief with the gift of a "Wordless Book" Prayer Shawl
"Nafio" is Serer for "Hello, how are you doing?" 

Greetings in Senegal are very important. Because relationships are so important, you greet each person by name and run through a series of questions to let them know that you value their friendship. 

Our team is learning some basic greetings in the Serer language. The village of Babak is a Serer village. If you'd like to get a flavor for what our team is learning, click on the link below and listen to the typical way of greeting one another in Serer.

Friday, February 17, 2012

CFC and MIS: 2005-2012 ... A Blessed Partnership

CFC Senegal Team - 2011 with Pastor Antoine

Mission Inter Senegal (MIS) is a church planting organization in Senegal, West Africa. Its vision is to reach 400 “unreached” villages with the Gospel and see churches planted and reproducing by 2020. These villages represent about 500,000 Senegalese from the Wolof and Serer tribes. CFC began our partnership with MIS in 2004 and became part of their Adopt-a-Village program. We adopted the village of Babak. Pastor Antoine shepherds a small church in the village and reaches out to 4-5 surrounding villages. Through tangible projects, a foundation of trust and friendship has been built with the Muslim leaders in the village. During our 2005 visit, we were amazed to hear Chief Diouf welcome our team in Jesus’ Name. He shared the truth that we worship the one true God and that our God answers prayer.

Babak is a Serer village with a population of about 1600 people. Pastor Antoine is trusted by the Elders of the village. Babak is a wonderful testimony of MIS’ holistic church planting strategy that includes water projects, medical care, literacy programs, women’s vocational training, and micro-finance programs all in support of the church planting focus. Each year we have worked with MIS, Pastor Antoine and the Elders of Babak to identify various projects that would meet tangible needs within the village and provide a powerful witness for Christ.

Babak now has a fresh water well, 10 public water faucets and 40 private faucets throughout the village which have reduced the miles that women must travel to bring water to their families. Access to fresh water has also allowed the village to irrigate a wonderful garden that is managed by families in the village. Fresh water has also dramatically improved the health of the entire village.

Antoine worked with the Elders of Babak to establish a cereal bank where people contribute to a community reserve to assist those in need when the harvest may not be as plentiful. CFC provided funds a few years ago for the church to purchase a grain mill. This has simplified the process of grinding millet and the entire village has benefited from this gift.

The government funds a health hut in the village and numerous mobile clinics sponsored through MIS have been conducted in Babak. We conduct 3-4 medical clinics each year during our short term trips to Senegal. The clinics allow us to demonstrate the love of Christ in a tangible way and they open the door the church planters to build relationships with those in the village after we leave.

The village school provides opportunity for the children to learn to read and receive a well rounded education. In 2006 we provided the funds to build a fence around the school.

Pastor Antoine has been reaching out to 4 surrounding villages to build relationships and plant churches. We have been blessed to be able to conduct medical clinics in these villages and witness the power and love of Christ and how God has been opening doors for the gospel though these projects. In two of these villages, the Chief and Elders have allowed for the construction of church buildings where the growing number of Christians can meet for worship. In 2008 we were privileged to be present for the first baptism service in the Babak where 14 people publicly identified with Christ as their Savior.

Two years ago we shared a meal with the Elders of Babak and presented them with special gifts expressing our love for them. We were humbled by their invitation to come and live with them in Babak. We long to continue building relationships with our brothers and sisters in Christ as well as the Muslim men and women who we have been blessed to meet. It is our prayer to see Babak transformed for Christ and the Kingdom expanded through the surrounding villages.This partnership with MIS and the village of Babak has helped our church to develop a greater appreciation for what God is doing in West Africa.

For the past two years, people from CFC have sponsored 25 children in the village. The funds go to MIS and they in turn help to pay for school fees, supplies, uniforms, tutoring, medical care and spiritual coaching through Kids Club. During our annual visits to Babak, we meet with the children, deliver gifts and letters from their sponsors and hang out with them throughout our stay.

This year our prayer is to raise enough funds to purchase 600 mosquito bed-nets for the 200 families in the village. Each day, more than 2,000 children die from malaria related illnesses around the world. Progress has been made in Senegal to reduce the mortality rates with malaria in the larger cities but the net distribution program has not penetrated many of the villages. This will be a wonderful, tangible witness of the love of Christ to the entire village. We are thrilled to report that the Lord has provided the funds through the cheerful and generous gifts of our congregation, to purchase more than 1000 mosquito nets. We’ll be able to bless the 200 families in the village of Babak with 600 nets as well as bless the village of Ngonine and other villages with the remaining nets.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Less Than 5 Weeks and Counting!

God is so good. Our team met last night as we prepared for our March 15-24 trip to Senegal. We reviewed our tentative schedule with great excitement.

Sunday through Thursday (3/18-22) we will be in the villages or Babak and Ngonine. Two medical clinics are planned, as well as an afternoon of Kids games with the children of Babak, an afternoon with our 24 sponsored children, two maybe three nights in the village, showing of the Jesus film in the Serer language, and much relational time to meet with the villagers from home to home n both Babak and Ngonine.

We thank the Lord for the generosity of the people at CFC who have contributed enough funds for over 1,000 mosquito nets. We will bless the 200 families of Babak with 600 nets and the balance will go to Ngonine and other villages with the greatest need. In addition to the nets, our people have written over 100 prayers of encouragement that we will share with the village.

Here are the members of our 2012 team: Inez Stoltzfus, Anna Sacher, Shannon O'Donnell, Terry Smith, Darla Eldredge, Nick and Elke Speliopoulos, Ryan Roe, Denise Wells, Mike Bender, Megan Flinn, Mike Edelman.

Inez Stoltzfus
Anna Sacher
Shannon O'Donnell
Terry Smith
Darla Eldredge (on left)

Nick and Elke Speliopoulus

Ryan Roe

Denise Wells

Mike Bender

Megan Flinn (on right)
Mike Edelman

If you would like to get a flavor for the Serer language spoken in the village of Babak, click on this link and listen to the typical way of greeting one another in Serer.

Prayer Request:
  • God would provide the remaining financial support for a few team members.
  • Smooth, peaceful national election in Senegal on February 26.
  • Prepare hearts of people in the villages of Babak and Ngonine to receive God's love through our team.
  • Our team would demonstrate the love of Jesus to all we come in contact with.
  • We would be a blessing and encouragement to our dear brothers and sisters at MIS.

Info on Senegal, West Africa


Republic of Senegal



Area: 196,722 sq km
Mainland Africa’s most westerly state: arid, with few natural resources.
Population: 12,860,717 Annual Growth: 2.66%
Capital: Dakar
Urbanites: 42.9%


Peoples: 57 (47% unreached)

Official language: French. Language of wider communication, Wolof; spoken as a first language by around 40% of the population Languages: 46

Prayer Needs
Spiritually, Senegal is both open and closed. The nation enjoys religious freedom and is remarkably tolerant toward other faiths – a point of pride for Senegalese, perhaps because so few Muslims have ever come to Christ. Despite a longstanding Christian presence and outreach, a spiritual heaviness covers the land. Allegiance to religious leaders renewed in each generation prevents any significant people movement to Christ. Virtually all Wolof, Fulbe and Mande peoples remain Muslim. Pray for the spiritual breakthrough for which so many wait.
Islam dominates religious life, growing from about 45% of the population in 1900 to over 90% by 1960. The Muslim Sufi brotherhoods are well organized, wealthy and politically powerful; over 85% of all Muslims belong to one of them. The Mouride Brotherhood is virtually a state within a state, based in their capital, Touba. But aggressive Islamist groups funded by Saudi Arabia and Libya are making inroads and threaten the tolerant status quo. Pray that religious tyranny might be thwarted, and that God may use all forces to draw people to Himself.

Largest Religion: Muslim
ReligionPop %Ann Gr

Our 2012 Senegal Team

Our team has formed for our March 2012 return trip to Senegal. There are 12 members on this year's team. The trip dates are March 15 through March 24, 2012. We'll be posting more specifics regarding the trip in the coming weeks and months.

The 2012 Team Members

First Year MembersNick and Elke Speliopoulos, Anna Sacher and Michael Bender

Team Members Making Return TripsDenise Wells, Terry Smith, Megan Flinn, Shannon O'Donnell Ryan Roe, Darla Eldredge, Inez Stoltzfus, and Mike Edelman

We will help with a number of medical clinics as well as support the efforts of Mission Inter Senegal in our adopted village of Babak.

Financial Support
If you would like to support the team financially, you may send a tax deductible contribution to:
Calvary Fellowship Church
Attention: Pastor Mike Edelman
95 West Devon Drive
Downingtown, PA 19335

Please make your check payable to Calvary Fellowship Church and write Senegal 2012 on the memo line. On a separate note indicate whether you are supporting a specific team member or making a general contribution to be used as needed for the trip.

Special ProjectWe hope to raise enough funds to purchase at least 600 mosquito nets for the 200 families in the village. Each net can be purchased in Senegal for approximately $7.

Prayer Support
Our greatest need is prayer support during the next three months leading up to our trip as well as throughout our 10 days in Senegal.
To join our Senegal 2012 Prayer Force, send an email to Pastor Mike Edelman at and.or become of follower of this blog to automatically receive updates.